The city of Almaty is the home of Turan University that hosts TURAN Model United Nations. Almaty boasts the unique blend of vibrant city life, bustling bazaars alongside with breathtaking landscapes of Tyan Shan Mountains. The latter offer a wide range of activities from hiking in spectacular gorges of Medeo and Almarasan to skiing at alpine resort Shymbulak and whitewater rafting. You can learn about the city and its attractions from We are proud to say that we represent a multicultural society that values peace and tolerance. Kazakh land is famous for its hospitability and generosity. More than one hundred nations of different religious confessions live in accord with each other.

Turan University is a community of academicians and students who want to contribute to the society welfare through science, education and culture. It aims at preparing competitive young professionals empowered with skills and knowledge based on integration of science, industry and business. Being founded in 1992 Turan University   was among the pioneers who established new academic traditions in Kazakhstan and remains the institution that applies best practices and strives for innovation. The strategic goal of our University is become a leading innovative-entrepreneurial educational establishment to promote greater excellence in the delivery of learning. The University welcomes cultural diversity and supports equal access to education through inclusive and life-long learning.

050013, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Satpayev St., 16-18, 18a

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